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Chemically and Temperature Proof Coatings

Initially this technique was developed to be used together with the rod technology in order to achieve chemically proof and temperature stable (up to 300 °С) protection of the lateral surface of thermoelectric semiconductor material. Then it was successfully applied for corrosion protection of cooling modules (Peltier coolers) where the solution of this problem is of vital importance. This application revealed a unique feature of this technique which is its feasibility to be used when coating geometrically complex articles. For instance, this technique is successfully employed for corrosion protection of 55x55 mm modules with 1 mm gap between 500 dices packing the module.

 The coating can be deposited on any electroconducting materials (ferrous and non-ferrous metals, semiconductors, conducting plastics) through electrolytic (galvanic) deposition carried out in a bath containing aqueous varnish-and-paint composite which consists of colouring agents suspended in film forming epoxy resin solution.

The coating which is 10-40 micron thick with 1-2 micron variation exhibits protective properties which ensure resistance to petroleum products (at least for 5 years) and to diluted hydrochloric acid (4 hours at 80 °С in 10 % HCl solution).

Besides, the technology ensures uniformly thick coating in inner sections, on corners and edges of components, as well as excellent adhesion and corrosion protection, thermal resistance (up to 300 °C), it also allows to obtain flexible and almost non-porous coating.

The results of climate test for modules protected by coating are represente in Figure below:

 Climate test of modules in humidity conditions

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