RusTec LLC
Ingot Extrusion

Extrusion gives an opportunity for manufacturing ingots of high mechanical strength which makes it the number one technology in thermoelectrical industry. Although one of its weak points is a little bit higher manufacturing cost in comparison zone melted material.

But the custom synthesis technology developed by RusTec permits to reduce costs as it does not require quartz or glassworks for the synthesis as well as it allows for recycling of residuals left after the extrusion process. This technology also ensures that all foreign particles, e.g. oxides, are removed during the synthesis which is of prime importance in the context of the extrusion technology where in contrast with zone melting and Bridgeman process all such particles present in raw materials usually are transferred to final extrusion ingots. 

And last but not least advantage of RusTec synthesis technology is that it allows to adjust  doping level during manufacture which makes it possible to use low grade material.

RusTec’s extrusion technology affords an opportunity for manufacture of Bi2Te3-Sb2Te3- and Bi2Te3-Bi2Se3-based alloy ingots with diameter of 25-30-35 mm.

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