RusTec LLC
Slices with Diffusion Barriers
RusTec LLC produces slices made from extruded ingots with thickness starting from 0.3 mm. Accuracy of cutting is ±15 microns. And special technology of multilayer diffusion barriers (Ni based alloys) onto slices is applied for preventing solder component penetration in semiconductor.

As to solderable layer over diffusion barrier protecting of diffusion barrier against oxidation and providing good quality of soldering RusTec LLC proposes two variants:
- Chemical plating by tin (7 microns ± 2 microns)
- Chemical plating by gold (< 0.2 microns)

For special applications (high temperatures, or strong cycles in modules) RusTec LLC is ready to recommend (patented) so-called H-technology where besides diffusion barrier made from Ni based alloys the thick layers (about 150 microns) of aluminum are introduced in multilayer barrier, see chapter Diffusion Barriers.
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