RusTec LLC
Extruded ingots

Thermoelectrical material produced by extrusion possesses particularly high mechanical properties which help produce modules with dices even 0.2 mm high. In addition the plastic strain in high pressure conditions ensures a higher degree of texture and homogeneity. Thus, thermoelectrical performance of extruded ingots is not only comparable to that of zone-melted materials or materials obtained through Bridgman technique but even surpasses them. This allows to produce modules with thermoelectric figure-of-merit, Z, equal to 2.9x10-3 C at 25 °С (in vacuum).

RusTec manufactures P- and N-type semiconductors on the basis of bismuth telluride of 20-30 mm in diameter, depending on customer’s request.

Standard specification of the material is as follows:

- Length: 120 mm, 240 mm

- Electric conductivity: 850-1150 Ohm-1 cm-1 (other conductivity range is available on request)

- RoHS compliant

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